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June 2022 Sake Box 

Regionality and individuality in sake

If you’re into delicious, precious, premium junmai daiginjo, we’ve got one, and if you’re looking for dry and delicious, we’ve got two! There is a must repeat for anyone who’s already tried the crowd-pleasing Niigata style. And did you know: The umami drawn from the rice is representative of what they call Noto style? We are excited to share these, and we hope you’re excited to try them! 

Trendsetters, old and new

Brewery knows best

For this Sake Box video, we’ve focused on the regional styles and words from the brewery — because you can’t get more authentic than the source. Take a look and let us know how you’re enjoying these sake at home. They’d love to hear from you, and we would, too.

June Sake Box selection