Cold Sake Glass With Blue Mini Stem, on a table

Cold Sake Glass With Blue Mini Stem

Chiba prefecture

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A visual delight

A wonderful piece with a calming aura. The blue stem brings about a cool, collected feeling, and, indeed, this glass is meant for serving chilled sake. Whether you’re setting up a buffet or bringing out dessert sake, this glass will add a level of sophistication your guests are sure to appreciate. Goes well with Western dishes and also has a place alongside Japanese cuisine.


Capacity2.5 fl oz
Width2.2 in
Height3.7 in
Weight3 oz
Microwave safeNo
Dishwasher safeYes

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Words from an expert

A smaller sake cup size will force you to take smaller sips, and provide opportunities to pour for each other. Enjoying sake is about savoring every sip, every moment and opportunity.

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Sachiko Miyagi
Sachiko MiyagiPortfolio Manager, Tippsy
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Tactile qualities will gently guide your sake, each of them with unique shapes, body, weight and materials. Be sure to choose with all your senses.

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Just like sake with centuries old tradition, each piece has its journey. Learn and discover some modern creations along with traditional artisan creations.

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“Omotenashi,” meaning Japanese hospitality is about choosing intentionally for every occasion. Treat yourself to something that will enhance your experience.


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