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Ginjo Set

Ginjo Set

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720ml / 720ml / 720ml

Chill, sip, and enjoy some ginjo!

Whenever you see the word “ginjo,” you know it’s going to be a nice chilled sake you can enjoy in a wine glass. Fruity, floral and aromatic, these sake are made meticulously by hand, using highly-polished rice. This set has the Japanese staple Hakkaisan “Junmai Ginjo” from the snowiest prefecture with a clean, pure brew, Fukuju “Blue” enjoyed at the Nobel Prize Banquet, and Katsuyama “Ken,” from the brewery that serviced the famed samurai lord Date Masamune who was the model for Darth Vader.

The box includes Hakkaisan “Junmai Ginjo,” Fukuju “Blue,” Katsuyama “Ken” and information cards for each bottle.

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