Hakkaisan Virtual Tasting Set

Niigata Prefecture

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Dive into the world of sake

Dive into the world of sake Experience a sake tasting from the comfort of your home with these three classic Niigata sake from Hakkaisan—one of the most renowned breweries! The set includes Hakkaisan “Tokubetsu Junmai” (300ml), Hakkaisan “Junmai Ginjo” (300ml) and Hakkaisan “Yukimuro” (280ml). With your purchase, you’ll gain exclusive access to a 30-minute “Virtual Tasting” video by Sake Samurai Timothy Sullivan, who will walk you through each bottle as well as give an inside look of the brewery. In addition, you’ll receive a tasting notebook from Urbansake, information cards for each bottle, and a Hakkaisan bottle opener.

Sake Tips from Timothy Sallyvan

Hakkaisan Brewery Company

Hakkaisan Brewery Company

Hakkaisan Brewery Company

Niigata Prefecture

Founded in 1922, Hakkaisan Brewery Company is situated at the foot of Mount Hakkai in Niigata. The spring water that flows from the mountains is used to produce its sake. The guiding principles of the brewery are to produce the finest sake that people will never have too much of, to apply the highest standards of production to all its sake, and in order to achieve the smooth wonderfully pure and mellow flavors of Hakkaisan sake, the Brewery insists on producing in small batches, using hand-made koji and slow fermentation at low temperatures.

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