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Ozeki “Judan Jikomi”

Ozeki “Judan Jikomi”

Hyogo Prefecture


A dance of berries and vanilla

Judan Jikomi has a refined sweetness and complexity akin to a succulent dessert wine. Ozeki carefully brews this sake at low temperature, making the process take nearly three times longer. The result? Flavor dancing with berries and vanilla, a stunning pair. This artisan sake brings luxuriance to the table or presents a perfect gift to someone special.


Category Junmai Daiginjo
Subcategory N/A
Taste Profile Rich & Sweet
Alcohol 16.0%
RPR ? 40%
SMV ? -30
Acidity ? 1.9
Values listed are at the time of production.

Serving Temperature

Ozeki “Judan Jikomi” - best serving temperature
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Ozeki “Judan Jikomi” - Hyogo Prefecture

Ozeki is brewed in Hyogo Prefecture in the Kinki region.

Taste Metrics

Ozeki “Judan Jikomi” - taste metrics

Tasting Notes

  • Raspberry |
  • Vanilla
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Recommended Pairing

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Hyogo Prefecture

The founder, Chobei Osakaya, began brewing sake in the Nada region in Hyogo in 1711. It is one of the oldest and largest breweries in Japan. The name “Ozeki” is the high-ranking title in sumo wrestling. The champion’s title “Yokozuna” wasn’t adopted to promise themselves ever-continuing efforts to aim higher in quality. Today it still is one of the leading companies to drive innovations in the industry.

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