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Kikusui “Perfect Snow”

Kikusui “Perfect Snow”

Niigata Prefecture

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Sake with a bang

This started as a limited winter seasonal product in Japan, and was rebranded for the U.S.! It comes at you with a banging 21% ABV, and it embodies the climate where the brewery is located, Niigata. Like Niigata’s heavy snowfall, “Perfect Snow” is thick in texture with the fluffy flavors of mochi and coconut. The aroma matches the flavor. Try serving over ice, cocktails or simply on its own.


Category Other
Subcategory Nigori, Genshu
Taste Profile Rich & Sweet
Alcohol 21.0%
RPR ? 70%
SMV ? -19.0
Acidity ? 1.6
Values listed are at the time of production.

Serving Temperature

Kikusui “Perfect Snow” - best serving temperature
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Kikusui “Perfect Snow” - Niigata Prefecture

Kikusui is brewed in Niigata Prefecture in the Hokuriku region.

Taste Metrics

Kikusui “Perfect Snow” - taste metrics

Tasting Notes

  • Banana |
  • Coconut
  • Testing Notes 1
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Recommended Pairing

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Kikusui Brewing Company

Kikusui Brewing Company

Niigata Prefecture

Founded in 1881, Kikusui Brewing Company has evolved with the times to make sake that’s enjoyed by as many people as possible. They are dedicated to the pursuit of quality and deliciousness while contributing to one’s health, relaxation and enjoyment. They stopped employing the traditional model of employing a brewmaster called toji in 1969 and instead have focused on technology and teamwork and to fuel their innovative thinking. They’ve since launched many sensational and iconic products while contributing to the advancement of research such as reviving the Kikusui sake rice, while incorporating sustainable practices as a whole.

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