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Yaegaki “Nigori”

Yaegaki “Nigori”

Hyogo Prefecture

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An excellent example of its kind

This sake was named “Best Nigori Sake” by the Wall Street Journal in 2006, and for good reason. The light-to-medium body delivers a splash of fruit flavors. Because it’s unfiltered it has an opaque, creamy color and thicker texture, which help it pair easily with spicy, savory, and intensely flavored meals. The sweetness is all natural from the famed Yamada Nishiki rice, and it’s been skillfully crafted in a way that sets it apart from its peers.


Category Junmai
Subcategory Nigori
Taste Profile Rich & Sweet
Alcohol 16.0%
RPR ? 65%
SMV ? -12
Acidity ? N/A
Values listed are at the time of production.

Serving Temperature

Yaegaki “Nigori” - best serving temperature
  • Recommended
  • Not Recommended


Yaegaki “Nigori” - Hyogo Prefecture

Yaegaki is brewed in Hyogo Prefecture in the Kinki region.

Taste Metrics

Yaegaki “Nigori” - taste metrics

Tasting Notes

  • Melon |
  • Cream
  • Testing Notes 1
  • Testing Notes 2

Recommended Pairing

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Yaegaki Brewing Company

Yaegaki Brewing Company

Hyogo Prefecture

Founded in 1666 in current-day Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture. One of the oldest breweries that still exist in Japan today. Uses grade A+ rice from local Hyogo rice farmers, combined with underground water with low minerals to provide soft sake with fragrant aromas. One of the few breweries to expand their production to the United States. Even in the United States, Yaegaki Brewing Company continues to keep their Himeji brewing traditions and handcraftsmanship.

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