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December 2020 Sake Box 

Non-traditional food pairings

For the December 2020 Sake Box, we had fun pairing non-Japanese foods with sake from very traditional breweries. How traditional, you ask? The youngest is the maker of Kanbara “Bride of the Fox” with 140 years in business to the oldest being Otokoyama, around 331 years old! Would you have guessed sake made from such traditional breweries go well with fried chicken, or chili lime chips? We dare you to try. This selection also includes Born “Junsui” from a brewery who makes sake served at the Imperial Court, the sustainability-focused Yaemon “Tsukiakari,” and Zuiyo “Hojun Junmai,” made at the first brewery in Kumamoto Prefecture making the clear sake we enjoy today.

December Sake Box selection