Tippsy’s Editorial Process

TippsySake.com is an e-commerce platform that works to sell and promote sake. At Tippsy, we believe that Japan’s national beverage (“nihonshu”) is the best beverage in the world. So of course, there is a little bias here. (Although, if you learn about and taste sake, we think you might agree with us!)

Still, in our quest to teach the world about sake, we do our very best to ensure all of our content is accurate. Keep reading to understand how we go about creating content that is fun, engaging, educational and truthful.

Our style

Tippsy consults the AP Stylebook and Merriam-Webster on matters of style. We follow these resources in most cases. However, Tippsy does have its own set of brand guidelines when it comes to the treatment of certain words. For example, AP Stylebook places all foreign words not found in Merriam-Webster in quotation marks. We do not follow this rule only when it concerns terms that we use extremely frequently.

How we write and review content

Tippsy offers a host of digital and print content, including product and brewery descriptions, blog and Sake Guide articles, Tippsy Tribune and more. The production of each of these materials always includes several layers of review.

Information is sourced via our partner breweries, as well as online and print resources that we have assessed to be credible and trustworthy. Many of these resources include official coursebooks from prominent associations such as Sake School of America, WSET, Sake Sommelier Association, and others. We also refer to peer-reviewed scientific and medical publications as often as possible, especially when researching and writing articles related to health. However, we acknowledge that we are not medical professionals, and always recommend people consult with their healthcare providers if they have questions regarding alcohol and their health.

After content is drafted, it goes through rigorous and methodical review by our resident sake experts and fact-checkers. Once published, it goes through a final round of fact-checking and editorial review. If an article is updated at a later time, the date when these changes occurred will be made visible on the article.

Writer and editor qualifications

Many Tippsy contributors hold certifications in sake, wine, beer or spirits, and some even teach courses themselves! Our contributor pool also includes food and beverage industry professionals with real-world business, brewing and serving experience. Other editor and writer qualifications include previous publication in magazines, newspapers, books, etc.

Promotional content

As an e-commerce company, Tippsy engages in promotional partnerships from time to time. This includes the writing of promotional content. However, we do not accept compensation in exchange for editorial features. Articles that mention or recommend certain products do so at the personal discretion of the writer or editorial staff.


Tippsy contributors are free to infuse a bit of their personality into their writing — that’s what makes it interesting! But we do not encourage or condone any discriminatory or prejudicial statements. Any writing that is brought to our attention as being offensive will be reviewed and edited accordingly. The Tippsy staff consists of people of diverse backgrounds. Our work is inherently international, and we enjoy collaborating and communicating with all walks of life.  

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