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One sip is all it takes

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Making sake simple & fun

At Tippsy, our mission is to make sake simple and fun. That’s why we designed a platform for you to easily find your favorite brand and directly connect with the breweries. We ship the freshest sake from the West Coast — where most sake arrives from Japan — because we want you to reevaluate your experience with sake and rediscover the flavors you thought you knew, at home.

Meet the founder, Genki Ito

Spread the love of Sake

It all began when I was working at a Japanese food importer. I’ve poured thousands of sample cups of sake at all kinds of events. Most people said, “Oh, I love sake bombs!” or “Is it like vodka? I don’t do shots.” But every time they tasted authentic craft sake (sometimes people needed convincing), their perception changed to, “Wow, I didn’t know it was so good. Where can I get it?” Then I realized that all it takes to change this stigmatized image of sake being “crappy alcohol that produces hangovers,” is just a sip of really good sake.

Fast forward to today, and after multiple iterations of our concept by our talented team, we now have the Tippsy Sake Club, the world’s first personalized sake curation service. Our experts source delicious sake from all over Japan, and tell the stories of even the smallest, most remote breweries whose passion would otherwise never reach the U.S. I am so proud to spread the love of sake in this way.

I envision a future in the U.S. where people enjoy sake in ordinary dinner settings, just like they would wine. We want to make drinking sake easy and fun for you and people around you. That’s what sake does and has been doing for centuries: connecting people and building friendships.


Genki Ito

CEO, Tippsy

Sake brewery

Resurrecting a dying art

Sake is an ancient beverage, rich with history and tradition. But domestic consumption has decreased over the years, and outdated shipping restrictions left over from U.S. Prohibition can make getting it to customers in the States difficult. The voices of the brewers get lost in the supply chain, and Eastern beverages largely remain uncharted territory in the West. We believe such beautiful craftsmanship deserves to be shared far and wide. That’s why we’re doing everything we can to bring Japan’s national beverage into the spotlight, and turn this “mystery drink” into your go-to brew.

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Building relationships with brewers

Every drop of sake is precious to us and to the brewers who make it. It’s truly a labor of love, requiring great skill and attention to detail. Sake is both a personal and a cultural point of pride, and it means so much to the brewers when it's appreciated by people like you. But it takes a leap of faith that we’ll represent their products and their stories the way they intended. Tippsy has worked to build that trust, and we value those relationships.

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More than a sake store

We could’ve just sold sake and left it at that, but we didn’t. We put a lot of time and effort into tasting each bottle, taking meticulous notes, and creating content to help you learn about Japan’s national beverage. Tippsy has the largest selection of sake offerings online, and yet our team is small, tight-knit and dedicated. We routinely check all of our 400+ items for quality so you get nothing but the best.

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We’re here for you

Whether you’re a sake beginner or a connoisseur, you have a home at Tippsy. Everything you need to guide you on your journey is right here, from our helpful Sake Guide to our friendly customer service. Not sure where to begin? Get personalized sake recommendations from our sommelier with Tippsy Sake Club!

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Our goal

The number of breweries in Japan has declined by half since its golden age of domestic consumption in the late 1970s. But a growing number of chefs and sommeliers across the world are falling in love with the beverage — especially because of its versatility in food pairing. Our goal is to further that international interest by building a large community of sake enthusiasts here in the U.S. It’s time to create a culture where sake is a drink option for any dining occasion, just like wine.

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