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December 2021 Sake Box 

Cozy up to these noteworthy selections

Sake isn’t a beverage that demands center stage. So to get to know them, you often need to slow down and take your time. Our December selection packs our favorites along with new discoveries and are not shy of winning awards in each of their categories. Get to know the fresh juicy side, the rich and mellow side, and the unexpected fruity yet super dry expressions of these expertly brewed masterpieces.

Trendsetters, old and new

Get to know your sake

Even though sake can be one of the most versatile, friendly and chill beverages you will ever meet, there’s always a suggested way to enjoy it. And sometimes bringing it out of the fridge 30 minutes before pouring makes all the difference to bring out its sweet spot. Get a glimpse of the sake breweries, people, wishes and hopes that have helped get these bottles into your hands.

December Sake Box selection