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Regional sake collection


Why Kyoto? What’s so special?

Kyoto was the imperial capital of Japan for more than 1,000 years, and the abundant local water from the Fushimi basin happens to be perfect to brew with sake.. Sake from Kyoto is known to express the quintessential Japanese elegance you simply must not miss!

Kyoto sake virtual tour

Can you imagine finding delicious, sophisticated sake made with centuries-old tradition as you walk the streets of Kyoto? Join 2019 Miss Sake Sae Haruta and Mimi from Tippsy as they take you through unassuming breweries within this historic city. We promise you an abundance of culture with architecture, food and sake all mixed in.

Characteristics of Kyoto sake

Using prized softer water from wells as deep as 2,600 feet, sake from Kyoto has silky, soft mouthfeel that is sophisticated, balanced and understated as can be. Breweries in the area are pushing the envelope of innovation while honoring their tradition, and make sake that pairs well with foods from all over the world.

Our breweries from Kyoto

Masuda Tokubee Shoten

Founded in 1675 and currently fourteen generations strong—they are one of the oldest breweries in Kyoto, known for inventing a filter that created the first cloudy sake back in 1964.



Tsuki no Katsura “Yanagi” Junmai Ginjo


Tamanohikari Brewing Company

Founded in 1673, they are the first revivers of junmai (pure-rice) sake with no additives. Without wavering to trends, they’ve made better sake year by year that you will never tire of.



Tamanohikari “Junmai Daiginjo”



A mythological, playful Japanese river imp called Kappa has been their mascot since 1955—reflecting their mission to continually provide their carefully crafted artisanal sake that appeals to the masses.



Tozai “Living Jewel”


Higashiyama Brewing Company

One of the smallest breweries in Kyoto. Using pure water from their well and devoting particular attention to sourcing organically-grown sake rice, their ultimate pursuit is expressing the land’s bountiful wealth.



Konteki “Pearls of Simplicity”


Joyo Brewing Company

The last remaining brewery in the southern part of Kyoto hasn’t stopped from looking to the future—they are makers of unique sake with a vintage to be enjoyed like wine.


Yamamoto Honke

Founded in 1677, they are blessed with their local natural water source called Shirakikusui which means white chrysanthemum water. Their own restaurant across the street is not to be missed, either!


Matsumoto Brewing Company

Spirit of preservation and innovation produces a fresh new take for the sake of the future. Their beautiful brewery built in 1922 also happens to be a national heritage site.


Fujioka Brewing Company

Founded in 1902 and resurrected in 2002 by the fifth generation owner/brewmaster, their aim is to create sake as refreshing as a clear blue sky that speaks to your soul.


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