The sake industry is old and traditional. There are good traditions that haven't changed for the last 1000 years like the simple, fine ingredients and the craftsmanship that go into the brewing sake. But due to old restrictions on alcohol distribution from the Prohibition era the U.S. as well as brand voice drowned out by multiple layers in the supply chain, this beautiful piece of art doesn’t reach most consumers in the U.S. and still remains a"mystery drink".  Tippsy wants to become the evangelist to promote the beauty and artistry of Japanese sake.

Our Mission

At Tippsy, our mission is to make sake simple and fun. By designing the platform for you to easily find your favorite brand and streamlining logistics so you can drink the freshest sake shipped from the West Coast where most sake arrives from Japan, we want you to re-evaluate your experience with sake and re-discover the flavors that you thought you knew.

Our Goal

The art of sake is promoted everywhere in the world by growing number of chefs and sommeliers while the number of breweries in Japan has declined to half from the time of peak domestic consumption. Our goal is to build a large community of sake enthusiasts like us that appreciates the versatility of sake that can match wide variety of food available today in US, and reimagine the culture where sake is a drink option for any dining occasions just like wine.

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