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Regional sake collection


Tochigi? What are they known for?

About one hour north from Tokyo by bullet train, Tochigi is known for good gyoza and wild monkey sightings—a lesser known fact is that several notable water streams in this landlocked prefecture provide for beautiful sake to be made. Let’s see what that’s all about.

Tochigi sake virtual tour

The three breweries we visited have drastically different philosophies—each of them staying true and honest to their craft. Join Naoko, our reporter from Tokyo, to see what the Tochigi experience is like!

Tochigi’s Individuality

Tochigi is known as one of those prefectures where all the sake they make is drunk locally. They all honor traditional brewing skills while looking into the future, and have created their own distinct styles. Now, many sake which are notable in Japan also make it overseas.

Our breweries from Tochigi

Senkin Brewing Company

This wildly popular brand captures audiences with their bright, juicy flavor profile and stunning, traditional wooden fermentation tanks.



Senkin “Classic” Kamenoo


Tentaka Brewing Company

Organic farming became part of their core value once the owner Mr. Ozaki decided sustainability was paramount to the future generations.



Tentaka “Organic”


Daiichi Brewing Company

In 1673, Daiichi Brewing Company was created by a local farmer. They have lived through the thick and thin and are loved and supported by the locals.



Kaika “Kaze no Ichirin”


Sohomare Sake Brewery

Tradition, innovation and sophistication comes together by mastery of the orthodox kimoto method and the art of blending which is unique to this brewery.

Sohomare “Junmai Ginjo”
Sohomare “Junmai Ginjo”


Sohomare “Junmai Ginjo”


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