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Let’s step into the world of sake and taste the possibilities. We’ve carefully chosen 10 oz. mini bottles to represent the wide selection found across Japan, including “Jozen” from the famous rice-producing region of Niigata, “Kuroushi” from Wakayama known for their silky junmai, and “Kudoki Jozu” by a brewery that excels in ginjo-grade sake. You’ll also sample “Tozai” from one of Japan’s sake capitals and bottles from two of Japan’s most sought-after breweries—“Senkin” and “Nanbu Bijin.”

Vessel, temperature and pairings

Your First Sake Box selection

Sake 101: The Tippsy Sake Guide

Sake 101: The Tippsy Sake Guide

Because sake can be as complex as wine, your first box comes with an easy-to-read beginner’s guide to get you started. You’ll get a comprehensive look at sake’s rich history, brewing process, regional nuances, flavors and aromas—and even learn about serving temperatures and food pairings to enhance your home tasting experience.

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