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Let’s step into the world of sake and taste the possibiliti es. We’ve carefully chosen 10-oz. mini bott les to represent the wide selecti on found across Japan, including “Jozen” from the famous rice-producing region of Niigata, “Suigei” from Kochi—where they’re known for dry sake—and “Kudoki Jozu” by a brewery that excels in ginjo-grade sake. You’ll also sample “Tozai” from one of Japan’s sake capitals and bott les from two of Japan’s most sought-aft er breweries—“Dassai” and “Nanbu Bijin.”

Nanbu Bijin “Tokubetsu Junmai”

Junmai | From Iwate

Nanbu Bijin translates to “Southern Beauty,” and the fl avor of the sake holds true to the name. It excites the palate with a zesty orange fl avor that fl utt ers on the taste buds. Warming it up mellows the taste, while chilling sharpens its characteristi cs. Pause to relish its rejuvenati ng aroma before taking a sip. Nanbu Bijin comes with bold red butt erfl ies on the label to remind you of its disti nct taste.

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Kudoki Jozu “Junmai Ginjo”

Ginjo | From Yamagata

From a brewery founded in 1875 that focuses all its resources on creati ng just ginjo-grade sake, Kudoki Jozu “Junmai Ginjo” boasts its extremely sweet aromas of green apple that fi nishes on lingering fl owery notes. Its gorgeous fragrance and disarming sweetness will melt your heart so much you’ll be addicted at fi rst taste. It’s perfect on its own and also fi ts with light appeti zers, salad and fruits.

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Jozen “Jukusei”

Ginjo | From Niigata

A re-imaginati on of one of Japan’s most drinkable sake. This beefed-up version has a nose rich with the scent of plums, cherries, and raisins and a bolder, fatt er, more dry body. Once aged for six months, now this sake is aged for a whole year to smooth out the dry fruit fl avor. You could say older is bett er, and for this sake you’d be right.

Tozai “Snow Maiden”

Nigori | From Kyoto

This sake is named aft er Hanako, or “Flower Maiden,” the most famous Japanese koi fi sh that lived for 226 years in the snowy, icy waters at the foot of Japan’s Mt. Ontake. Snow Maiden’s creamy texture befi ts its name and has a surprising yet pleasurable dryness for a nigori. The excepti onal, vibrant aromas are a prelude to the ricey, fruity fl avor combinati on that graces the palate with each sip.

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Dassai “50”

Daiginjo | From Yamaguchi

Asahi Brewing Company took a gamble when it restructured to focus solely on junmai daiginjo sake, but the gamble paid off and brought us this delightf ul, high-quality sake at a reasonable price. Dassai “45” is the bett er version of “50” which is known for its premium quality worldwide. The fragrance puts a smile on your face, but the engaging fl avor will have you beaming from ear to ear.

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Suigei “Tokubetsu Junmai”

Junmai | From Kochi

Suigei, meaning Drunken Whale, is named aft er a warlord in Kochi prefecture in the Edo period who loved eati ng and drinking. Suigei Brewing Company aims to create sake that pairs perfectly with any dishes on the dinner table. They’ve achieved their goal with the versati lity which brings a reserved ricey nose and milder umami with pleasant acidity when slightly chilled, and richer fl avors with longer aft ertaste when slightly warmed.

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Sake 101: The Tippsy Sake Guide

Because sake can be as complex as wine, your fi rst box comes with an easy-to-read beginner’s guide to get you started. You’ll get a comprehensive look at sake’s rich history, brewing process, regional nuances, fl avors and aromas—and even learn about serving temperatures and food pairings to enhance your home tasti ng experience.

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