Sake Cup

Some people collect stamps, but we think collecting sake cups is much more fun. (Sorry, but it’s true.) They can be made of ceramic, porcelain, glass, tin, and even wood. Some are vibrant and intricately designed, while others are

“Shohogama” Somekarakusa Sakazuki Cup, upward angled view

“Shohogama” Somekarakusa Sakazuki Cup

Sake ware for prosperity
“Kinsai” Guinomi Cup, side view

“Kinsai” Guinomi Cup

Earthen tranquility
“Nousaku” Tin Guinomi Cup Gold, upward angled view

“Nousaku” Tin Guinomi Cup Gold

Like a sun setting in the ocean
Ultra Thin Cup (Starry Night Pattern), on a table

Ultra Thin Cup Starry Night Pattern

Light as a feather
Ultra Thin Cup (Gold and Silver Spiral), on a table

Ultra Thin Cup Gold and Silver Spiral

Light as a feather
Sorisakazuki Cup With White Swirl, on a table

Sorisakazuki Cup With White Swirl

A friend to flavor
Sold out
Aosaiyu Guinomi Cup, side view

Aosaiyu Guinomi Cup

Unusually alluring
“Omoeraku” Nikko Cedar Sakazuki Cup, upward angled view

“Omoeraku” Nikko Cedar Sakazuki Cup

Naturally minimalist
Black Round Guinomi Cup, side view

Black Round Guinomi Cup

Simply striking
Hotarude Cup With Mica Gold Rim, side view

Hotarude Cup With Mica Gold Rim

An ocean in each cup
Sold out

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