Sake Warmer

Warm sake is comforting and delicious, and we want to keep it that way! That’s why we have sake warmers: to heat your sake and keep it at just the right temperature, even if you’re sitting at the table for a while and get caught up in conversation.

The dark, ceramic Black Tokkuri With Warmer brings a calm, earthy vibe to the table. All you have to do

Black Tokkuri With Warmer, upward angled view

Black Tokkuri With Warmer

Warms the soul
Aluminum Chirori Sake Warmer, on a table

Aluminum Chirori Sake Warmer

Convenient and classy
“Nousaku” Tin Chirori Sake Warmer With Lid, on a table

“Nousaku” Tin Chirori Sake Warmer With Lid

Tin for the win

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