Tippsy for Noto Brewery Relief

Donate to Breweries Impacted by the 2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake

As a company that is inextricably linked to Japan, with many of our staff having grown up there, the news of the Jan. 1 earthquake hit us personally. Since that day, we’ve been thinking about how Tippsy can best assist the people of the Hokuriku region in our capacity as a sake business. So we’re seeking your support to help rebuild the beautiful, historical sake breweries that were devastated by this event.

By donating through Tippsy, you can be sure that your dollars will go directly to the brewers who make the wonderful sake you love to drink. Scroll down to learn more about how you can help.

What happened?

On Jan. 1, 2024, a 7.6-magnitude earthquake rocked the Hokuriku region of Western Japan. As the epicenter, the Noto Peninsula was hit hardest, and surrounding Ishikawa and Toyama prefectures also suffered massive damages and casualties. The subsequent tsunami, landslides and other after effects made the situation even worse.

Combined, there are nearly 60 sake breweries in those prefectures, some of whom have been forced to suspend brewing entirely since the disaster. Some of the severely affected breweries include Sogen Brewing Company, Hakuto Brewing Company, and Shata Brewing Company.

Hakuto Brewing Company (Wajima, Ishikawa)

Sogen Brewing Company (Suzu, Ishikawa)

Sakurada Brewing Company (Suzu, Ishikawa)

How to help

We’re partnering with the Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association to deliver your donations directly to the brewers. 

You can make your donation by clicking “Add to cart” on the item “Noto Earthquake 2024 Donation” below and checking out as you would for a regular item. The default donation is $20. If you’d like to donate more, simply change the quantity to reflect the amount you wish to give.

The full amount of your donation will be given to the brewers after the donation collection period ends on March 31.

As a personal thank you from Tippsy, we’ll give you store points equal to 10% of your donation amount.*

*The maximum amount of store points granted is up to $100 worth per account. (Even if users donate $5,000, the store points awarded would not be for $500, but for $100.) Store points will be awarded within a few days after the donation is paid.

Send your personal message

Your donations will mean more than you know to the sake brewers and their families. When you submit your payment, we invite you to write a personal message to accompany your donation. We know our friends in Japan will be touched by your genuine kindness and support.


Please write your message in the indicated message field and click “Add to cart.”

*Please note that only one message can be sent by our system at a time, therefore an additional message card cannot be purchased at checkout.

Things to know

Tippsy is not a charitable organization. We are a sake business seeking to support struggling sake breweries in Japan. Donations made through Tippsy are therefore not tax deductible. Tippsy itself will also not receive a tax deduction, as the partnering brewery associations are also not charitable organizations. Because your donation isn’t tax deductible, we’re happy to provide you with Tippsy store points as a thank you. All of the money raised by this charity will be given directly to the affected breweries. Donations will also be used to support breweries whose brands are not carried by Tippsy.

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