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Shinsei “Junmai Daiginjo”
Shinsei “Junmai Daiginjo” front label
Shinsei “Junmai Daiginjo” Thumbnail
Shinsei “Junmai Daiginjo” front label Thumbnail

Shinsei “Junmai Daiginjo”

Kyoto prefecture

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For sweet tooths and dry lovers alike

“Shinsei” means noble and sacred, and it refers to the centuries-old tradition of offering sake to the gods. Yamamoto Honke, staying true to servicing the community with Kyoto style hospitality, do their best to keep costs down and quality up by using local Kyo no Kagayaki rice. This, together with their signature water source, makes an incredibly mellow texture and a flowery, distinguished yet approachable treat.


Brand Shinsei
Brewery Yamamoto Honke
Category Junmai Daiginjo
Subcategory N/A
Taste Profile Light & Dry
Rice variety Kyo no Kagayaki
Yeast variety Association No. 1801
Alcohol 15.0%
RPR ? 50%
SMV ? 2.0
Acidity ? 1.3
Values listed are at the time of production.

Serving Temperature

The best serving temperature of Shinsei “Junmai Daiginjo” is cold (40-60°F).
  • Recommended
  • Not Recommended


Shinsei “Junmai Daiginjo” - Kyoto prefecture

Shinsei is made in Kyoto prefecture in the Kinki region.

Taste Metrics

Tasting Notes

  • Sweet Rice

    Sweet Rice
  • Flower

  • Anise


Recommended Pairing

  • Aperitif

  • Seafood


Yamamoto Honke

Yamamoto Honke, currently in the 11th generation, was established in the old capital city Kyoto in 1677. Burned to the ground during the battle of Fushimi Toba in the 19th century — which resulted in the defeat of the shogunate — the brewery was quickly rebuilt with the support of the locals. Two things remain constant since establishment: the use of their well water called Shiragikusui, one of the seven mystical waters within the Fushimi region that produces a very smooth, well-balanced, soft and gentle mouthfeel; and that every time the heir becomes the president, their first names become Genbee.

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