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Toyonoaki “Hiyaoroshi”
Toyonoaki “Hiyaoroshi” Thumbnail
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Toyonoaki “Hiyaoroshi”

Shimane prefecture

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Dry as fallen leaves

This sake is brewed in the cold of winter, matured in a cool place over the summer, then enjoyed in the windy days of autumn. The maturation allows this sake’s flavors to mellow and take on more umami. Toyonoaki “Hiyaoroshi” is extra dry, but it is accompanied by the sweetness of rice and the umami from aging. Drink it from a thick glass to enhance the gentle mouthfeel.


Brand Toyonoaki
Brewery Yoneda Brewing Company
Category Junmai
Subcategory NamazumeGenshu
Taste Profile Light & Dry
Rice variety Gohyakumangoku
Yeast variety Association No. 901
Alcohol 16.0%
RPR ? 65%
SMV ? +15
Acidity ? 1.5
Values listed are at the time of production.

Serving Temperature

The best serving temperature of Toyonoaki “Hiyaoroshi” is cold (40-60°F), room temp (70°F) or warm (85-115°F).
  • Recommended
  • Not Recommended


Toyonoaki “Hiyaoroshi” - Shimane prefecture

Toyonoaki is made in Shimane prefecture in the Chugoku region.

Taste Metrics

Tasting Notes

  • Chestnuts

  • Banana


Recommended Pairing

  • Seafood

  • Meat

  • Veggies


Yoneda Brewing Company

Yoneda Brewing Company was founded in 1896 in Matsue City, Higashihonmachi. The founder Kingoro Yoneda named the brand Toyonoaki (bountiful fall) to express anticipation and gratitude for the fall harvest. They use Shimane prefectural rice as much as possible, use local spring water, and belong to Izumo Toji Guild, a very small and historic school of sake brewing in the area with over 100 years of history. Because sake is made of important living microorganisms, they vow to always work with nature, not only to produce beautiful sake but also to contribute to sustainability efforts within the community.

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