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Umenishiki “Junmai Daiginjo”
Umenishiki “Junmai Daiginjo” front label
Umenishiki “Junmai Daiginjo” Thumbnail
Umenishiki “Junmai Daiginjo” front label Thumbnail

Umenishiki “Junmai Daiginjo”

Ehime prefecture

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A gift from Ehime

From Ehime prefecture comes this carefully made Umenishiki “Junmai Daiginjo,” a locally loved and frequently gifted premium sake. Using the king of sake rice Yamadanishiki, and abundant natural waters from the Shikoku Mountains, the careful, low-temperature fermentation produces notes of banana and flowers. Try pairing it with fresh tofu, lightly seasoned broth, and dishes that honor the flavors of the ingredients. It’s recommended to serve it slightly chilled in a wine glass.


Brand Umenishiki
Brewery Umenishiki Yamakawa
Category Junmai Daiginjo
Subcategory N/A
Taste Profile Light & Dry
Rice variety Yamadanishiki
Yeast variety Association No. 1801
Alcohol 16.3%
RPR ? 40%
SMV ? +3.5
Acidity ? 1.4
Values listed are at the time of production.

Serving Temperature

The best serving temperature of Umenishiki “Junmai Daiginjo” is cold (40-60°F) or room temp (70°F).
  • Recommended
  • Not Recommended


Umenishiki “Junmai Daiginjo” - Ehime prefecture

Umenishiki is made in Ehime prefecture in the Shikoku region.

Taste Metrics

Tasting Notes

  • Banana

  • Flower


Recommended Pairing

  • Aperitif

  • Veggies

  • Sushi/Sashimi


Umenishiki Yamakawa

Umenishiki Yamakawa was founded in 1872 by the Yamakawa family, who ran a rapeseed oil, miso and soy sauce business. Umenishiki became a nationally recognized brand after winning first prize at the official national sake appraisal back in 1934, and continues to win accolades today. They’re committed to making koji in the smallest batches, called “koji-buta,” regardless of whether it’s their premium sake or “futsushu” (table sake). Even after being purchased by Hakutsuru Brewing Company in 2016, the brewery continues to preserve the craft and legacy of sake making under the current sixth-generation president.

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