2023 holiday collection

2023 Holiday Collection

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The world’s most wondrous brew

Sake is made with incredible attention to detail. It is brewed from the simple ingredient of rice, yet there are 10,000 ways it can turn out. Join us as we explore the fascinating traditions of Japan’s sacred national beverage.

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Centuries-old history

Sake is a way of life. This ancient beverage touches all aspects of Japanese culture, from the shrine to the dinner table.

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Craftsmanship & artistry

Savor the craftsmanship of master sake brewers from all over Japan. Experience centuries of tradition in every sip.

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Variety & versatility

Sake’s versatility makes it the perfect beverage to pair with any dish; not just sushi, but cheese, fruit and even BBQ!


Sharing our stories

Tippsy is a unique platform for sake breweries and experts to share their passion, vision and knowledge directly with consumers.

“Our concept for sake is that it can be enjoyed at your ordinary dinner, so I recommend drinking it with a meal. I suggest pairing it with stronger flavored foods, even experimenting with western foods. I know a lot of people have this…”

Yasunobu Tomita

President, Tomita Brewing Company

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“To me, the sake industry is where you can find powerful female professionals shining. I know that society in general is still harsh for women to succeed. However, I consider that the sake industry is where we can bring out…”

Miho Fujita

President, Mioya Brewing Company

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“Some positive things about sake that’s not commonly known: There’s no preservatives, sulfites, or tannins. It has a lot of health benefits and amino acids. So, I’m not telling people to ‘Go chug your sake!’ but I’m saying there’s…”

Jessica Joly

Miss Sake USA

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Drink in every style imaginable

Explore flavor profiles, serving temperatures, price range and more.

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Very impressed with the varieties of sake included in the subscription box. I’ve already found a few favorites and ordered more of what I like as a result. Everything was well packaged and the tasting notes were excellent. Absolutely cannot go wrong with the subscription box.


An absolute JOY. The assortment has such a wonderful variety and the flavor profiles are all unique and lovely. Definitely worth it.


Received my 2nd box the other day. Just starting through it but really excited to try the Sparkling Sake in this one. I’m very new to sake so it’s nice to have an assortment sent instead of me having to do some guess work. Love that this box has sake from other regions in Japan.


Tippsy is well worth the money. My friends and I each got a taster box and did a virtual tasting party and it was a blast. We loved almost all of the selection and made us appreciate sake even more!

Danh Hoang

Tippsy you are saving the day! All the different bottles coupled with all the interesting information, maps, tasting notes, I’m so glad I found you guys. THANK YOU!

Sarah Jackson

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