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Moonstone “Asian Pear”

Oregon State



A solid addition to SakeOne’s repertoire, Moonstone Asian Pear has won gold and silver in some big competitions, and it’s clear why. It tastes like the brewers plucked a ripe pear and fresh squeezed it right into the sake. A plump aroma accompanies the crisp ginjo’s soft sweetness. There’s a snippet of dryness that plays off the sweetness. This combo makes Moonstone Asian Pear a sake you just might swoon over.


Category Other
Subcategory Flavored
Taste Profile Rich & Sweet
Alcohol 12.0%
RPR ? 58%
SMV ? -8
Acidity ? N/A
Values listed are at the time of production.

Serving Temperature

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Moonstone “Asian Pear” - Oregon State

SakéOne is brewed in Oregon State.

Taste Metrics

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Tasting Notes

  • Asian Pear
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Oregon State

SakéOne has been brewing premium sake longer since 1998. The brewery’s prime location in Oregon’s wine country provides it with pristine water perfect for crafting premium sake. But natural ingredients aren’t the only thing that makes a drinkable sake. The brewery’s dedication quality and the seasoned hands of the brewers themselves is what makes SakéOne stand out. The skill and love coming out of SakéOne is a driving force behind the spread of sake in the United States, and they show no signs of stopping anytime soon.

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