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Hot Sake Set
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Hot Sake Set

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Warm your soul with hot sake

Discover a whole new side to sake when you heat it up! While you will find that each sake has its best temperatures to suit you and the occasion, there are some you definitely should try warm. “Brewer’s Pride” from Hakutsuru in the historic Nada Ward of Hyogo Prefecture was made purely for the enjoyment by the master brewer himself, Mantensei “Star Filled Sky” is from a brewery dedicated to creating savory, umami-rich sake that shines when warmed up, and Urakasumi “Junmai” from historic Saura Brewing Company to experience how sake is delectable both chilled and warm.

The box includes Hakutsuru “Brewer’s Pride,” Mantensei “Star Filled Sky,” Urakasumi “Junmai” and information cards for each bottle.

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