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Yuzu Sake Set
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Yuzu Sake Set

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Brighten someone’s day with a citrus surprise!

If you’re looking for a twist on traditional sake taste or know someone who is a citrus fanatic, this is the perfect gift set. Yuzu is a wonderful fruit that combines the tartness of a grapefruit with the sweetness of a mandarin. Each bottle in this set incorporates yuzu juice to deliver a delightful zing that blends with other flavors. Within this gift set, you’ll also find rich sweetness, invigorating aromas and an uplifting tartness that blend well with yuzu. These sake make for particularly good aperitifs, but brighten the soul no matter when you enjoy them.

The box includes Homare “Yuzu,” Okunomatsu “Yuzutoro,” Tsukasabotan “Yuzu” and information cards for each bottle.

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