Honke Matsuura

Tokushima prefecture

Founded back in 1804, Honke Matsuura traces the roots of its founder back to a pirate group, the Matsuura Party. Fortunately for us the founder turned to sake making, inspired by the luscious lotus fields, elegant flocks of storks and Yamadanishiki rice crop that grows on the slopes of the nearby Sanuki Mountains. These mountains also provide the water used for brewing, so each sip you take is a taste...more
Narutotai “Ginjo” Nama Genshu

Narutotai “Ginjo” Nama Genshu

A sake movie star
Narutotai Guinomi Glass, side view

Narutotai Guinomi Glass

Drink like a sea bream
Narutotai Hirahai, upward angled view

Narutotai Hirahai

Overflowing with aroma

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