Imayo Tsukasa Brewing Company

Niigata prefecture

Walk 15 minutes from Niigata Station and you’ll arrive at Imayo Tsukasa Brewing Company. When they were founded in 1767, they were in the business of running inns and restaurants, and distributing sake. Their name is created from the characters for “ima” (now), “yo” (era, day and age) and “tsukasa” (to govern administer or rule). They are dedicated to creating sake that is enjoyable today, and evolve with the times

Imayo Tsukasa “IMA”

Imayo Tsukasa “IMA”

Have it now, pair it with oysters
Imayo Tsukasa “KOI”
Junmai Daiginjo

Imayo Tsukasa “KOI”

Celebrate resilience and beauty

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