Tippsy Original Masu, side view

Tippsy Original Masu

A touch of hospitality
“Aderia” Ginjo Guinomi Glass, on a table

“Aderia” Ginjo Guinomi Glass

Makes sake shimmer
Glass Guinomi Blue

Glass Guinomi Blue

Small cup, big heart
Hinoki Masu Small, on a table

Hinoki Masu Small

Handmade with heart
“Yanagi” Seishu Glass, on a table

“Yanagi” Seishu Glass

One for all
Japanese Mixed Snacks

Japanese Mixed Snacks

Everybody gets the munchies!
Sorisakazuki Cup With White Swirl, on a table

Sorisakazuki Cup With White Swirl

A friend to flavor
Sake-themed “Team Chill” Tote Bag with original artwork by Hayataro Sakitsu

“Team Chill” Tote Bag

Tote your sake soul for the world to see
“Sango no Umi” Guinomi Glass, side view

“Sango no Umi” Guinomi Glass

Like a soothing sea
Hotarude Cup With Mica Gold Rim, side view

Hotarude Cup With Mica Gold Rim

An ocean in each cup
Sold out
Black Round Guinomi Cup, side view

Black Round Guinomi Cup

Simply striking
Harushika Shika Choko Set, side view

Harushika Shika Choko Set (Set of 2)

Brewery tour limited edition
“Aderia” Craft Sake Glass Refresh, on a table

“Aderia” Craft Sake Glass Refresh

Puts the focus on the flavor
Aluminum Chirori Sake Warmer, on a table

Aluminum Chirori Sake Warmer

Convenient and classy
Sold out
Pocket Glass Carafe, on a table

Pocket Glass Carafe

A crafty way to chill
Black Tokkuri With Warmer, upward angled view

Black Tokkuri With Warmer

Warms the soul
Sold out
Narutotai Guinomi Glass, side view

Narutotai Guinomi Glass

Drink like a sea bream
“Shohogama” Somekarakusa Sakazuki Cup, upward angled view

“Shohogama” Somekarakusa Sakazuki Cup

Sake ware for prosperity
“Aderia” Tebineri Ginjo Glass, on a table

“Aderia” Tebineri Ginjo Glass

All the character of ceramics, all the elegance of glass
Tsukasabotan Bekuhai Game Kit

Tsukasabotan Bekuhai Game Kit

Play if you dare!

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