Sake Carafe

Just as there are wine and whiskey decanters, sake has its own carafes. They come in different colors, shapes and materials. The one you’ll see most frequently at Japanese restaurants and bars in the U.S. is the “tokkuri.” Often hourglass-shaped,

Pocket Glass Carafe, on a table

Pocket Glass Carafe

A crafty way to chill
“Sango no Umi” Tokkuri, side view

“Sango no Umi” Tokkuri

Serve sake with charm
“Shohogama” Somekarakusa Tokkuri, side view

“Shohogama” Somekarakusa Tokkuri

From Kyushu, specially for you
Cold Sake Glass Carafe, on a table

Cold Sake Glass Carafe

Minimalist design for every day
“Kinsai” Katakuchi, side view

“Kinsai” Katakuchi

Warm and welcoming
Sold out
“Aderia” Tebineri Katakuchi, on a table

“Aderia” Tebineri Katakuchi

Versatile glassware straight from Japan
“Nousaku” Tin Katakuchi Gold, upward angled view

“Nousaku” Tin Katakuchi Gold

Bringer of a golden age
“Omoeraku” Nikko Cedar Tokkuri, upward angled view

“Omoeraku” Nikko Cedar Tokkuri

An aromatic treat
Aosaiyu Katakuchi, side view

Aosaiyu Katakuchi

Like an open sky

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