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Sake Glass

Most people are familiar with sake being served in ceramic “tokkuri” and “ochoko,” but sake ware can be made out of a variety of materials, including glass. Some people are surprised to learn that a lot of sake are served chilled in a wine glass.

Tippsy offers several stemless wine glasses, such as the affordable “Aderia” Tebineri Ginjo Glass and the warm-toned “Karai” Kannyu Amber. (Stemless wine glasses are actually a great way to play with sake temperature, as the body heat from your hands will slightly warm the vessel as you hold it.) The “Yanagi” Seishu Glass is a perfect partner for drinking “mokkiri” style with “masu” (cubic wooden cups).

While many glasses are clear, others display lovely colors and patterns, such as the blue-green “Sango no Umi” Guinomi Glass, the “Nishiki” Gold Flake Guinomi Glass Purple, and the blue and pink “Shofukuhai” Fujisan Cold Sake Glass (Set of 2), which are designed to resemble Mount Fuji.
Glassware at Tippsy ranges from $7 to $75, which is totally budget-friendly. So get going!

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