“Aderia” Craft Sake Glass Rich Aroma, on a table

“Aderia” Craft Sake Glass Rich Aroma

Aichi prefecture

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Enhances floral sake

This award-winning glass is designed specifically to enhance the aromatic properties of sake. This “Hanayaka” version, which translates to festive and floral, is made to accentuate the rich aroma of sake, and can be used for any sake you love. Ample room is given to swirl the sake, releasing the aroma. The glass’s shape holds the aroma gently, so you can enjoy the bouquet of your sake with every sip.


Capacity7.8 fl oz
Width2.9 in
Height3.1 in
Weight2.7 oz
Microwave safeNo
Dishwasher safeYes

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Words from an expert

Shape matters for the gesture, aroma and flavor experience for your sake. A cupped shape will enhance the aroma, a flat ware will instill a bowing gesture, and the lip shape will control how the sake hits your palate.

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Sachiko Miyagi
Sachiko MiyagiPortfolio Manager, Tippsy
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Tactile qualities will gently guide your sake, each of them with unique shapes, body, weight and materials. Be sure to choose with all your senses.

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Just like sake with centuries old tradition, each piece has its journey. Learn and discover some modern creations along with traditional artisan creations.

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“Omotenashi,” meaning Japanese hospitality is about choosing intentionally for every occasion. Treat yourself to something that will enhance your experience.


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