Hello Kitty “Nigori”

Hyogo Prefecture

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Nothing says kawaii like Hello Kitty!

A sake for any Hello Kitty lover out there as well as any sake lover in your life, this exceptional nigori embodies all things Hello Kitty in a delightful drinking experience. Its delectable sweetness comes from using select rice and koji along with natural spring water that bubbles down from Mount Rokko. From the plush pink bottle to the soft, smooth texture, you’ll be left with a refreshing smile and the word kawaii on your lips.


Taste Profile
Rich & Sweet

Values listed are at the time of production.

Serving Temperature

  • Recommended
  • Not Recommended


Hello Kitty is brewed in Hyogo Prefecture in the Kinki region.

Taste Metrics

Tasting Notes

  • Strawberry | Cream

Recommended Pairing

  • Meat | Fish
Hakkaisan Brewery Company

Hakutsuru Brewing Company

Hakutsuru Brewing Company

Hyogo Prefecture

Hakutsuru is the largest and one of the oldest sake manufacturers in Japan located in the famous Nada region in Hyogo prefecture. This region enjoys good solar insolation and the temperature difference between night and day in the summertime reaches 20°F, making it suitable for making rice. About 10% of all sake production in Japan is in this region. Hakutsuru benefits from excellent water sources including pristine spring water from Mt. Rokko, and the famous spring water specifically for sake making called "Miyamizu" which if found at the corner of the 1000-year-old Nishinomiya Shrine.This, in addition to advanced brewing technologies, allows Hakutsuru to make a wide variety of excellent sake.

Hakutsuru “Sayuri”


Shirakabegura “Mio”


Kizakura “Hana Kizakura”


Hakutsuru “Junmai Ginjo”


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