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Cloudy sake

Nigori sake catches the eye and the imagination with its white, cloudy hue. Most sake is clear because all the rice particles are filtered out, but nigori is coarsely filtered to allow some rice particles to remain. These sake lees give nigori its pale color and milky consistency (although the lees will separate in the bottle, so gently shake to mix together!). Nigori is a subcategory, so there is junmai nigori, junmai ginjo nigori and more.

Nigori sake is generally sweet, but that sweetness can range from calm and gentle to very pronounced. For instance, Rihaku “Dreamy Clouds” is rather light and dry, with a faint whisper of citrus, making it a favorite of sake sommeliers. Yauemon “Tsukiakari” Nigori, on the other hand, fully embraces the rich flavors of sweet rice and pear. And one of Tippsy’s bestsellers, Hakutsuru “Sayuri,” lands somewhere in the middle with its playful strawberries-and-cream taste.

Because of its sweetness and consistency, nigori is a great match for spicy foods. You can also enjoy this sake with dessert, or simply as an aperitif. Explore our collection to find your next nigori for under $60.

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