Dewanoyuki “Bingakoi” Junmai Daiginjo and Niwa no Uguisu “50” Junmai Daiginjo with a clear glass, served with oyster
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Seaside Set

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Ocean lover’s delight

Sake is so simple yet complex; it contains many more types of amino acids compared to wine. Add to that the nuanced minerality that comes from using the purest of waters from all over Japan, and it makes for a classy set to compliment a casual seaside venture, from appetizer to entree. We recommend you start enjoying it slightly chilled in a glass, and savor every sip as it accentuates the umami in any pairing.

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“I love heading to the coast, hanging by the raw bar and diving into some juicy lobster.”

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profile picture Hannah Loewentheil

I love sake, but I’ll be honest: until recently, I didn’t know much about it besides for the very basics….In the same way that there are many different kinds of wine and words to help you navigate the bottles you like best, there are lots of different kinds of sake, too.

Hannah Loewentheil

Contributor at Buzzfeed

profile picture Justin Waldron

Tippsy is a trip to Tokyo in a box. You will experience authentic Japanese craftsmanship in your living room, and change the way you and your friends think about sake.

Justin Waldron

Co-founder of Zynga and

profile picture Richard Geoffroy

Sake is the identity, the DNA of Japan. It is proudly local, yet it has the potential of being universal and speaking to the diverse cultures of the world and their great cuisines. I believe the capacities of sake are immense, and that it rightly deserves to be internationally perceived on a par with wine at its highest.

Richard Geoffroy

Former cellar master for Dom Pérignon Champagne, founder of IWA Sake

profile picture Stephen Allison

Sake is a captivating and diverse beverage. Any wine, beer or cocktail enthusiast will find much to appreciate in this rapidly developing beverage category.

Stephen Allison

Contributor at Drinkhacker

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