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Tensei “Song of the Sea”

Tensei “Song of the Sea”

Kanagawa Prefecture


As refreshing as an oceanside stroll

Toji Igarashi brews beer as well as sake, and his fermentation expertise is evident in this richly layered junmai ginjo. A rare opportunity to try sake made with Yeast #9 sourced from the brewery that discovered it, rather than from the National Research Institute of Brewing. The result is lively and intense flavors of saltwater taffy salinity that evokes memories of the beach. Song of the Sea is an ode to the brewery’s seaside location in Kanagawa.


Category Junmai Ginjo
Subcategory N/A
Taste Profile Light & Dry
Alcohol 16.0%
RPR ? 50%
SMV ? 3.5
Acidity ? 1.5
Values listed are at the time of production.

Serving Temperature

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Tensei “Song of the Sea” - Kanagawa Prefecture

Tensei is brewed in Kanagawa Prefecture in the Kanto region.

Taste Metrics

Tensei “Song of the Sea” - taste metrics

Tasting Notes

  • Melon |
  • Apple |
  • Sea Salt
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Recommended Pairing

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Kumazawa Brewing Company

Kumazawa Brewing Company

Kanagawa Prefecture

Kumazawa Brewing Company brews sake and beer. They also have a trattoria specializing in pizza, emphasizing their expertise in yeast and fermentation. The unique culture of Kanagawa is expressed well here through their many pursuits of perfecting coffee, pizza, craft beer and of course sake.

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