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Junmai Ginjo

Fruity & floral, fuller mouthfeel

Junmai ginjo sake has a rice polishing ratio of at least 60%, which generally results in sake that is floral, fruity, clean-tasting and light bodied. The word “junmai” indicates that no brewer’s alcohol has been added, so the ingredients are water, rice, koji and yeast. Though often described as a premium sake, prices for this category can be very affordable! At Tippsy, bottles of junmai ginjo range from $20 to $100.

We have so many amazing junmai ginjo in our collection, including Kikusui “Junmai Ginjo,” a crowd-pleaser that exemplifies the clean, dry finish associated with the Niigata style of brewing. Jinyu “100 Poems” is representative of the floral, fruity style one would expect of a junmai ginjo, yet with a subtle richness. Akabu “Junmai Ginjo” is an award-winner with a juicy, expressive flavor profile, which is a growing trend in this sake category.

Because of their somewhat delicate nature, junmai ginjo sake are often paired with cold dishes that aren’t so strong-tasting as to overwhelm the palate. But each product page has its own pairing notes!

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