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Taylor Markarian

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    Luckily, there is no shortage of amazing gifts for anime lovers out there. With literally hundreds of anime shows and movies to stream online, such as the incredibly popular “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba,” “Jujutsu Kaisen,” and “My Hero Academia,” there are plenty of merch options to choose from. (After all, anime is a multi-billion dollar industry!)

    You can find your loved one’s favorite anime characters printed on virtually anything, from hoodies to day planners. For our top five picks for best gifts for anime lovers, we decided to showcase items that combine the beloved TV shows and movies with other aspects of culture, like food and music, for more interactive experiences.

    P.S. - If you’d like to drink like an anime character, order Tippsy’s “Dassai Set.” The Japanese sake from Asahi Shuzo Co., Ltd. is Misato Katsuragi’s (“Evangelion”) favorite sake!

    Dassai set

    Dassai set, from left to right: Dassai “23,” Dassai “39,” Dassai “45.”

    Anime ramen bowl with chopsticks

    Next to anime and manga, one of Japan’s most popular creations is ramen. So combining them makes the perfect present! Anime franchises continue to expand beyond traditional clothing merchandise and into home goods, and this Pokémon-themed ramen bowl available at Box Lunch is a great example of that. (Other anime shows have their own bowl designs, too.) Made to look like a Poké Ball, this ramen bowl even comes with chopsticks and a convenient resting place at the top of the bowl to put them. Your loved one will be all the more happy to slurp ramen noodles with anime gifts like this!

    Anime OST vinyl sets

    People love anime for more than just the phenomenal artwork. As with TV shows and movies of any genre, the original soundtracks are a huge part of what makes the viewing experience so enjoyable. Music is just as important to storytelling as visual art. (Even sake producers Tatenokawa Brewing Company know that.) That’s why the anime collector will be over-the-moon to receive anime OST vinyl records as gifts! This incredible “Attack on Titan” 5-LP set available at Funimation’s online shop, for example, is an audiophile’s dream. It also comes with original artwork depicting the show’s main characters.

    Anime wireless earbud cases

    Speaking of music, your loved one probably needs a place to store their wireless earbuds. Help put them in the mood to watch their favorite anime on the go with earbud case covers designed to look like their favorite characters! This one available at Hot Topic is designed to look like Tanjiro Kamado, the main protagonist of “Demon Slayer.” It depicts his signature teal and black checkered kimono, katana, and even his facial scar at the top.

    Literally anything from Studio Ghibli

    Hayao Miyazaki and his world-renowned Studio Ghibli have created some of the world’s best animated films. Over the last several decades, he and his animation team have treated people of all ages to incredibly imaginative tales of love, perseverance, and even loss. One can’t throw a rock in the anime community without hitting someone who adores Studio Ghibli, so buying anime gifts from their online shop is a no-brainer.

    They sell everything from wallets to figurines of their most enchanting characters, so there are virtually endless anime gift ideas from which to choose. One really fun, interactive piece worth mentioning is the “Spirited Away” No Face Kaonashi Moving Piggy Bank. Based on the “Spirited Away” character who consumes everything that crosses his path, this piggy bank figurine actually eats your coins! Just place a coin on his dish and he’ll scarf it down.

    Anime cookbooks

    Anime characters love to eat, and anime lovers like to watch them eat! (Well, except maybe No Face—he’s pretty ugly when he eats.) There’s just something about the way the food is drawn that makes it look absolutely irresistible. Let the anime lover in your life experience the Japanese foods they see on their screens with the cookbook “Cook Anime: Eat Like Your Favorite Character—From Bento to Yakisoba” by Diana Ault. (And drink sake like them, too!)

    This unique cookbook will teach them how to make Japanese meals and snacks just as they appear in anime such as “Princess Mononoke,” “Fruits Basket,” and “My Hero Academia.” They’ll love eating yummy taiyaki, onigiri, ramen dishes, and more! This book is available at Urban Outfitters.

    Taylor Markarian

    Taylor Markarian

    Taylor Markarian is a culture journalist whose work spans the food and beverage, entertainment and travel industries. She is passionate about world travel and learning about different lifestyles and subcultures across the globe. Markarian is also the author of “From the Basement: A History of Emo Music and How It Changed Society” (Mango Publishing, 2019). Explore her work by visiting her portfolio.

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