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We’re happy to guide you through Japan’s stunning sake breweries for an unparalleled, authentic travel experience. Choose from one-day or multiple-day excursions in different parts of Japan. We’ll meet at main terminals in major cities and bring you on a personal journey filled with sake, food, culture, and fun!

Toyama waterfalls
Nov 6 to 7

Private getaway in Toyama

Toyama prefecture has that perfect mix of artisanal craft history, easy access to urban and rural locations, and some exquisite sake breweries. Come with us on a tour where time slows down and your senses wake up. This will involve a one-night stay with all meals and transportation included, with some excursions around town. We will tour local breweries as well as Oiwasan Nissekiji Temple, a 1,300-year-old Buddhist site filled with stunning architecture, exquisite carvings, and natural beauty. Those seeking spiritual purification often come here for their famous waterfall, which cascades through carved dragon heads. An English-speaking tour guide will be with you every step of the way on your immersive journey through Japanese culture and history.

Nov 8

Day trip to Kyoto & Nara

Join us for a special brewery tour of two cities in one day: the old capital, Kyoto, and the birthplace of sake, Nara. This excursion meets in Kyoto in the morning, and starts with a private tour and tasting at Imanishi Seibee Shoten, followed by lunch in Nara. We’ll also visit Choryo Brewing Company, the brewery famous for upholding the tradition of “taru sake” (sake stored in wooden vats). Then we’ll head back to Kyoto for a tour and tasting at Masuda Tokubee Shoten, where nigori sake was invented.

The trip ends in the evening with a group dinner, after which you will be free to explore Kyoto nightlife.

This tour includes lunch, dinner and transportation costs, private tour and tasting fees, and an English-speaking guide.

Jingu Shrine
Nov 13-14

Usa Jingu Shrine & Koku no Kura

Join us on a one-night, two-day tour starting at Hakata Station in Fukuoka prefecture, Kyushu Island. This includes a visit to Usa Jingu Shrine and a special tour of Koku no Kura where a Tippsy exclusive online product is made in very small batches. We will visit Ajimu Winery and Hita Distillery, which are also owned by Sanwa Shurui, makers of Iichiko brand shochu.

This tour includes a stay in Beppu in Oita prefecture — a town historically known for hot springs — and some additional sight-seeing before ending in Hakata Station. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, one night of hotel and transportation, tour and tasting fees, and an English-speaking guide are all included for the duration of the tour.

Tippsy travels better

We know our breweries

Thanks to our close relationships with sake breweries in Japan, we can give Tippsy customers exclusive tour experiences unlike any other. An English-speaking guide will help you navigate every step of the way.

Easily fits with your itinerary

Our trips are only one or two days long, giving you plenty of time to taste, learn, and sightsee while fitting easily into your travel plans.

Authentic and inspired by you

We crafted these tours with the help of Japanese breweries because Tippsy customers asked us to! Take your sake adventure further by witnessing the brewing and the living history up close. Our private tours are as authentic as can be.

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