Koku no Kura

Oita prefecture

This brewery was founded in 1958 and is owned by Sanwa Shurui. Their history began with sake brewing, and then expanded to include shochu, wine and liquor production. But they’ve vowed to keep their sake brewing tradition alive. Today, they brew a limited amount of sake in small tanks. Sanwa Shurui wants to familiarize visitors with their breweries and the culture of sake. So, at Koku no Kura, you can

Wakabotan “Hinohikari 50” Junmai Ginjo, with a clear glass, served with tuna poke and avocado slices
Junmai Ginjo

Wakabotan “Hinohikari 50”

Undiluted deliciousness
Wakabotan “Yamadanishiki 50”
Junmai Ginjo

Wakabotan “Yamadanishiki 50”

Award-winning quality

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