The “masu” is perhaps the most fascinating sake vessel. It’s a traditional, box-shaped sake cup typically made out of cypress or cedar. The masu has been in use for centuries; its original purpose was as a measuring cup for rice. A single masu measures 1 “go,” or a volume of 180 milliliters.

Because it’s made of wood, it imparts a forest-like aroma and flavor to the sake inside, which enhances the

Hinoki Masu Small, on a table

Hinoki Masu Small

Handmade with heart
Tippsy Original Masu, side view

Tippsy Original Masu

A touch of hospitality
Hinoki Masu Large, on a table

Hinoki Masu Large

Handmade with heart
“Omoeraku” Nikko Cedar Masu, upward angled view

“Omoeraku” Nikko Cedar Masu

A cup of harmony

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