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Kinokuniya Bunzaemon “Junmai Ginjo”
Kinokuniya Bunzaemon “Junmai Ginjo” Thumbnail

Kinokuniya Bunzaemon “Junmai Ginjo”

Wakayama prefecture

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When two top sake rice collide

Winner of multiple awards for being an exceptional sake enjoyed in a wine glass, this isn’t your typical ginjo. The floral bouquet is more like a sunflower bouquet, and the flavor is layered and expansive, thanks to the work of two famous sake rice, Omachi and Yamadanishiki. Label design is based on the ship that a famous merchant Kinokuniya Bunzaemon took, journeying to present day Tokyo carrying delicious tangerines from Wakayama.


Brand Kinokuniya Bunzaemon
Brewery Nakano BC
Category Junmai Ginjo
Subcategory N/A
Taste Profile Light & Dry
Rice variety YamadanishikiOmachi
Yeast variety N/A
Alcohol 16.0%
RPR ? 55%
SMV ? +3.0
Acidity ? 1.3
Values listed are at the time of production.

Serving Temperature

The best serving temperature of Kinokuniya Bunzaemon “Junmai Ginjo” is cold (40-60°F).
  • Recommended
  • Not Recommended


Kinokuniya Bunzaemon “Junmai Ginjo” - Wakayama prefecture

Kinokuniya Bunzaemon is made in Wakayama prefecture in the Kinki region.

Taste Metrics

Tasting Notes

  • Banana

  • Flower

  • Pear


Recommended Pairing

  • Seafood

  • Sushi/Sashimi


Nakano BC

Nakano BC (Biochemical Creation) was founded in 1932 as a soy sauce company, and started brewing sake in 1958. These days, they produce various food products with their knowledge in fermentation, and local Japanese plums that Wakayama Prefecture is famous for. The current toji, with 17 years of prior experience in Kyoto, is part of the Noto Toji Guild and has an expertise in dry sake. They sincerely hope you enjoy their products at home with BBQ and pasta, and enjoy the clean finish, along with floral notes and the expansive umami from the rice.

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