Sogen Brewing Company

Ishikawa prefecture

Tucked away at the tip of Ishikawa’s Noto Peninsula, Sogen Brewing Company has existed in the rural town of Suzu since 1768. Founded by the Hatakeyama samurai clan, they are of noble descent and were even visited by the crown

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Sogen “Noto no Kuni” Yamadanishik Junmai, with ceramic cup, served with tomato quiche

Sogen “Noto no Kuni” Yamadanishiki

The pride of Noto no Kuni
Sogen “Samurai” Prince

Sogen “Samurai” Prince

Invite a prince for dinner
Sogen “Samurai” Princess
Junmai Ginjo

Sogen “Samurai” Princess

A princess warrior at your table

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