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Creamy Nigori Set

Creamy Nigori Set

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Everyone loves “Nigori”

Nigori means “cloudy,” and with its fuller mouthfeel, it can hold its own as a stand alone beverage and are also extremely versatile in pairing with any foods from spicy Thai to creamy chocolate. Explore these three different products from the light and silky Hakutsuru “Sayuri” from historic Hyogo Prefecture, the sweet and creamy Kurosawa “Nigori” from Nagano Prefecture known for mountains, hot springs and snow monkeys, to the bright, tropical Momokawa “Pearl” brewed from soft water in Oregon.

The box includes Hakutsuru “Sayuri,” Kurosawa “Nigori,” Momokawa “Pearl” Junmai Ginjo Nigori and information cards for each bottle.

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