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Hakkaisan “Echigo de Soro”

Niigata Prefecture

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A winter inspired wonder

As reflected by its white label, this is a seasonal winter specialty so you have to grab it while you can. Hakkaisan Shiboritate is bottled straight from the press which gives it a wonderful, velvety viscosity. You can expect top freshness and bold, lush flavors of vanilla and rice that have been brought out by not pasteurizing the sake. In keeping with the winter theme, Hakkaisan Shiboritate shows off best when served chilled or even on the rocks.


Category Others
Subcategory Honjozo, Genshu
Taste Profile Rich & Dry
Alcohol 19.00%
RPR ? 60%
SMV ? 4
Acidity ? 1.7
Values listed are at the time of production.

Serving Temperature

Hakkaisan “Echigo de Soro” - best serving temperature
  • Recommended
  • Not Recommended


Hakkaisan “Echigo de Soro” - Niigata Prefecture

Hakkaisan is brewed in Hokuriku region.

Taste Metrics

Hakkaisan “Echigo de Soro” - taste metrics

Tasting Notes

  • Honey | Vanilla | Rice

Recommended Pairing

  • Meat | Cheese | Shrimp/Crab
  • Recommended Pairing
  • Recommended Pairing
  • Recommended Pairing

Hakkaisan Brewery Company

Hakkaisan Brewery Company

Niigata Prefecture

Hakkaisan Brewery Company Niigata Prefecture Founded in 1922, Hakkaisan Brewery Company is situated at the foot of Mount Hakkai in Niigata. The spring water that flows from the mountains is used to produce its sake. The guiding principles of the brewery are to produce the finest sake that people will never have too much of, to apply the highest standards of production to all its sake, and in order to achieve the smooth wonderfully pure and mellow flavors of Hakkaisan sake, the Brewery insists on producing in small batches, using hand-made koji and slow fermentation at low temperatures.

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