Chiyomusubi Brewing Company

Tottori prefecture

Chiyomusubi can be roughly translated to “eternal bond,” which the brewery uses to express how much they value their relationships with the local communities around the brewery. Chiyomusubi Brewing Company boasts a wide selection of products including shochu, liquor, gin,...more
Chiyomusubi “Daiginjo,” standing in front of a product box

Chiyomusubi “Daiginjo”

Each drop a delight
Chiyomusubi “Tokubetsu Junmai”

Chiyomusubi “Tokubetsu Junmai”

Indefinably delicious
Chiyomusubi “Goriki 50”
Junmai Ginjo

Chiyomusubi “Goriki 50”

Unique rice, unique flavor

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