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Naturally or artificially carbonated

People are often surprised to discover that sparkling sake exists — and we’re so happy it does! With bubbles from natural fermentation or added carbonation, it’s an amazing alternative to sparkling wine and Champagne. And compared to the latter beverages, an incredible range of flavors exists.

The ABV of sparkling sake tends to be lower than that of non-sparkling sake’s average of 15%-16%. Shirakabegura “Mio” is only 5% alcohol, but its juicy flavors of grape and pear are so heavenly that it has become the world’s bestselling sparkling sake! Nanbu Bijin “AWA Sparkling” has a higher ABV of 14%. It belongs to the Japan Awasake Association and is made in similar ways as Champagne. Only products that fulfill the association’s requirements are allowed to put the “AWA” on the label. A little drier but still bursting with stunning fruit flavor, this bottle will be the star of your next celebration!

Sparkling sake is mainly enjoyed as an aperitif, although pairing it with cheese boards and elegant hors d’oeuvres can also be a treat. Find your next bottle of bubbly for less than $100 at Tippsy!

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