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Daishichi “Kimoto” Plum

Fukushima Prefecture


Plum perfection

A plum sake that uses plums straight from Wakayama, known for having the best plums. The nectar is paired with kimoto junmai sake full of umami to harmonize with the plum sourness. Try this one chilled by itself first, then experiment with adding crushed ice or carbonated water. Daishichi “Kimoto” Plum pirouettes and glides between tart and sweet like a skilled dancer, and leave you salivating for more.


Category Other
Subcategory Flavored, Kimoto
Taste Profile N/A
Alcohol 12.0%
Acidity ? N/A
Values listed are at the time of production.

Serving Temperature

Daishichi “Kimoto” Plum - best serving temperature
  • Recommended
  • Not Recommended


Daishichi “Kimoto” Plum - Fukushima Prefecture

Daishichi is brewed in Fukushima Prefecture in the Tohoku region.

Taste Metrics

Daishichi “Kimoto” Plum - taste metrics

Tasting Notes

  • Apricot |
  • Strawberry |
  • Plum

Recommended Pairing

  • Recommended Pairing
  • Recommended Pairing
  • Recommended Pairing

Daishichi Brewing Company

Daishichi Brewing Company

Fukushima Prefecture

Daishichi Brewing Company is located in the castle town of Nihonmatsu, and was founded in 1752 by Saburoemon Ohta, originally from a samurai family. Daishichi means “Big Seven,” and comes from the hereditary name of consecutive family heads, Shichiemon. Daishichi makes rich, mellow sake with an outstanding reputation in the orthodox kimoto brewing method, which they specialize in. The numerous accolades won both nationally and internationally can perhaps be attested to the master brewer Takanobu Sato’s perfectionist ways. Their sake is exceptionally balanced and is food friendly to any portion of a meal, from any part of the world.

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