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Umeshu (Plum Wine)

Sweet, tart & spicy...your pick!

“Umeshu,” commonly called plum wine in English, is a traditional Japanese alcoholic beverage using ume fruit. Today, different kinds of umeshu are produced all over the world. It’s also something you can make at home by soaking fresh ume fruit in alcohol. At Tippsy, you’ll find various sake-based umeshu with varying tartness and sweetness. They range from $18 to $60.

Umeshu is very versatile and can be enjoyed on ice, with soda, warmed up and as part of a cocktail. You also might be pleasantly surprised by how well it pairs with regular meals, from spicy foods to dessert.

If you want to try different kinds, we have a Plum Sake Set for you! If you’re looking for an elegant treat as an aperitif or digestif, Daishichi “Kimoto” Plum has a kimoto sake base for a layered flavor nuance. If you’re up for a unique spicy-sweet umeshu to try on its own or as an ingredient in a cocktail, check out Ginkobai “Hannya Tou” which is also infused with spicy peppers.

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