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Yuho “Rhythm of the Centuries”

Ishikawa Prefecture


Born from ancient techniques

Made using the 17th-century time and labor intensive ‘kimoto’ method and then aged four years in bottle resulting in rich, earthy, and wild aromas and flavors. This brewing method of mixing the yeast starter has been perfected by Toji Yokomichi-san, who knows how to maximize the method. The extensive bottle aging rounds out the edges of the sake’s flavor and creates overall smoothness. President Miho Fujita and her toji love to eat pork and cheese, and strive to make sake with enough acidity and umami to pair beautifully with both


Category Junmai
Subcategory Kimoto,Koshu
Taste Profile Rich & Dry
Alcohol 15.9%
RPR ? 55%
SMV ? 3
Acidity ? 2.2
Values listed are at the time of production.

Serving Temperature

Yuho “Rhythm of the Centuries” - best serving temperature
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Yuho “Rhythm of the Centuries” - Ishikawa Prefecture

Yuho is brewed in Ishikawa Prefecture in the Hokuriku region.

Taste Metrics

Yuho “Rhythm of the Centuries” - taste metrics

Tasting Notes

  • Orange |
  • Banana
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Recommended Pairing

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Mioya Brewing Company

Mioya Brewing Company

Ishikawa Prefecture

Unapologetically unconventional, Mioya experiments with brewing components and techniques to produce sake that have a wild, gamey characteristic with pronounced acidity and remarkable texture. President Miho Fujita, a single career woman from Tokyo with no prior knowledge of sake, and Toji Yokomichi, who left his corporate job to pursue sake, do not follow traditional brewing methods—they brew the sake they enjoy drinking. Miho believes her sake can stay open for longer than most—she personally likes to drink them after being open for 1–2 months.

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