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Starter Set with sake guide, sake tasting cards and tribune.
Starter Set with sake guide, sake tasting cards and tribune
Starter Set
Starter Set with sake guide, sake tasting cards and tribune. Thumbnail
Starter Set with sake guide, sake tasting cards and tribune Thumbnail
Starter Set Thumbnail

Starter Set

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Starting on the right foot

Curious about sake but don’t know where to start? Six different sake from different regions and categories, with product cards and Tippsy Sake Guide by your side should do! Learn about the different breweries’ legacies one by one, and discover how sake has evolved with a deep appreciation for nature and the human process. We think you’ll find both the flavors and the stories to be friendly companions.

Your package

Tasting card

A Tippsy exclusive! × 6

Tippsy Sake Guide

A 24-page booklet for beginners

Tippsy Tribune

Tippsy’s quarterly newsletter

Curated for bon vivant

“Living well means traveling, exploring different cultures, and trying new drinks and cuisines.”

Sake for every occasion

Keeping it casual

It’s as easy as filling your favorite glass. (Or shop our sake ware collection for more options!)

Hot, cold and everything in between

Drink sake at different temperatures for exciting new tasting experiences.

With love, from Japan

Enjoy 400+ authentic products from the birthplace of sake.

Shipping & quality standards

We do our best to spread the love of sake to everyone, but due to certain restrictions, we are unable to ship to the following states at this time: SD, UT, AK, AR, MS, AL and MI. Other shipping restrictions include certain regions of IL, OK and TX.
We pack and ship products as soon as possible once your order has been placed. But shipping takes time! Please be aware that West Coast orders may arrive within 3 business days, and East Coast orders may arrive within 6 business days. It may take as many as 10 business days for orders to arrive in TX, IL, NJ and OK.
An adult signature from someone who is 21+ years old is required upon delivery for all Tippsy orders. Sorry for the hassle, but it is alcohol after all!
All sake shipped from our warehouse is monitored for quality. With the help of our shipping partner’s extensive network, we maintain the quality of our sake as it makes its way around the United States. Extra precautions may be taken for severe weather conditions. Final delivery is made via UPS or other local carriers.
The Tippsy Support Team is always here to help and will do our best to respond within 2 business days of your inquiry. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

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